The Video EP
The Great Pretender
The Barcelona EP
I Was Born To Love You - D.Mallet
Made In Heaven - D.Mallet
Living On My Own - DoRo
Time - DoRo
The Great Pretender - D.Mallet
The Great Pretender (ext.) - D.Mallet
Barcelona - D.Mallet
The Golden Boy - G.Taylor
How Can I Go On - G.Taylor
 Release date: 21 July 1986
 Picture Music International -
     MXS 99 0055 2
 Release date: 16 March 1987
 Picture Music International -
     MVW 99 0066 2
 Release date: 6 Feb. 1989
 PMV Channel 5 (FVDO 932)

- Rudi Dolezal / Hannes Rossacher

In My Defence - DoRo

Living On My Own (remix) - DoRo  now has been released on Greatest Flix III

Freddie Mercury
The Video Collection
The Great Pretnder 7" Version
I Was Born To Love You
How Can I Go On
Made In Heaven
Living On My Own
Golden Boy
The Great Pretender (ext.)
In My Defence Re-edit 2000
Guide Me Home

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Release date: October23rd, 2000
ICPN: 07243 492443 37 (VHS)
07243 492443 00 (DVD)
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