Two new books have been published (in Russian):
1. "If I'm dead tomorrow, I don't give a damn.
I really have done it all." Freddie Mercury

It's a compilation of As It Began by Jacky Gunn & Jim Jenkins, The Show Must Go On by Rick Sky, Mercury and Me by Jim Hutton with some quotes from Queen - The Magic Years video. From all the books mentioned above, only the book by Rick Sky had been published in Russia.

2. Freddie Mercury Solo Career
This book is based on Queen Before Queen article from Record Collector magazine, some excerpts from The Show Must Go On by Rick Sky, some chapters from The Real Life... by David Evans & David Minns. It also contains two Freddie interviews, the lyrics of his non-Queen songs, including Larry Lurex and Hold On from Zabou movie (in English and in Russian), music of 8 songs from The Freddie Mercury Album (transcription for voice and piano with guitar tabs), the discography, videography and short bibliography, some Internet links and a review of Our Fairy Queen magazine, published by Alex Smirnov. The book is compiled by Andrei Rassadin. 256 pages. ISBN 5-901165-01-2.


  Mick Rock: Glam Rock Photographs
All photographs for sale
New York,
September 16 - November 7, 1999
Queen Gallery
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Pirate discs  


December 1st was the World AIDS Awareness Day. "High Quality" program in the Russian section of MTV was completely devoted to Queen and Freddie. They showed some Queen videos and a small interview with Freddie (1984).

These are the cover, a paper and a poster from the November issue of "Rovesnik" magazine. Unfortunately, the paper contains nothing interesting, just some mere verbiage.   

For the first time!
Brian May played two concerts in Russia!

November 6th, 1998 -St.Petersburg
November 7th, 1998 -Moscow

The New Visual Documentary by Ken Dean has been published in Russian.

Posters (A3) from "Vse Zvyozdy" ("All Stars") magazine

#3 #4 #6 #7 #8 #2
1998 1999

April 17th, 1998, Kremlin Palace
Maurice Béjart Ballet
"Le presbythère n'a rien perdu de son charme, ni le jardin de son éclat"
Music by Queen and Mozart. Costumes by Gianni Versace. The Ballet is dediacted to Freddie Mercury and dancer Jorge Donn, who also died of AIDS.
More about the ballet

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