Helen Belova's page. Biography, discography, albums and singles sleeves, quotes, interview and more. Very nice pictures. Freddie Mercury & Queen Message Board.

The Freddie Mercury Page.
Biography, solo albums, lyrics, interviews.
Many pictures. Interesting design.

This is the place for fans of Freddie Mercury. It's going te be an interactive website meaning that you will have to be an active participant rather than just being a passive observer.

The Raven Queen's Freddie Mercury Tribute. Very unusual page too. The webmaster is a very good artist.

Two stories by Natasha Moskalenko: Simply In Love and Queen Medley (from the Jayme's Place). These two pictures are also drawn by Natasha.
Now Natasha has created her own site.

One more unusual Freddie tribute designed by his Italian fan Daniela. Now it's one of the most interesting Freddie pages. Many really rare pictures, a review of pre-Queen bands, books about Freddie, the Freddie Mercury Star, postcards from Montreux (with the Statue), auctions, piligrimages, the gay thing, Valentine's Day and more. Many pages with pictorial themes, the more recent theme is "Freddie Mercury & Cigarettes".

Chris's Queen pages.
Detailed discography of Freddie and Queen with album/single sleeves.

King Mercury
Many wonderful pictures, articles, book reviews.

If you're a Freddie fan, you should visit The White Queen's Pad by Helen Charlotte Hill. Many rare pictures and lovely drawings, stories, poems and dreams. Helen also is a founder of The Freddie Mercury's Luvshack. Come and join us!

Jennifer's Freddie pages
Recent newspaper/magazine articles about Freddie

Exclusive Queen (and Freddie!) photos for sale


The Ultimate Band List
Here are direct links to the Freddie and Queen cards. Each card contains band/artist info, links, lists of related artists and a listening room with 30" excerpts from various songs in RA format.
Click here if you want to add to the UBL a link to your own Freddie site.

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