Freddie Mercury - Queen Discography

Made In Heaven

1.It's A Beautiful Day
2.Made In Heaven
3.Let Me Live
4.Mother Love
5.My Life Has Been Saved
6.I Was Born To Love You
7.Heaven For Everyone
8.Too Much Love Will Kill You
9.You Don't Fool Me
10.A Winters Tale
11.It's A Beautiful Day (Reprise)

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Catalogue number: Parlophone 8 36088 2 (UK)   HR 62017 (USA)
Release date:6 November 1995 (UK)  7 November 1995 (USA)
Produced by:Queen, co-produced by David Richards, Justin Shirley Smith, Joshua J Macrae
Recorded at:Mountain
Cover concept:Queen & Richard Gray
Highest chart position:   1 (UK)   58 (USA)
Weeks on chart: 25 (UK) 1 (USA)
Award status: 5 x Platinum (UK)   Gold (USA)

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