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Sci-Fi/Fantasy, 1926 (1986)
Runtime 2:19
director Fritz Lang
written by Fritz Lang
    Thea von Harbou (novel)

CBS 70252
Love Kills

Comedy, 1984
Runtime 1:46
director Arthur Hiller
written by Sandy McKinney
based on a story by Aaron Russo
and Irwin Russo


Capitol EJ 24 02471
Foolin' Around
Thanks to Chris for the album cover

Action/police, 1986
Runtime 1:42
director Hajo Gies
written by Martin Gies

EMI 1C 066 Y 240728 1
Hold On (with Jo Dare)

Night And The City
Drama, 1992
Runtime 1:38
director Irwin Winkler
written by
    Gerald Kersh (novel)
    Richard Price (I)

The Great Pretender

Loaded Weapon 1
Action/Comedy, 1993
Runtime 1:23
director Gene Quintano
written by
    Don Holley
    Gene Quintano
Love Kills (remix)
Bohemian Rhapsody

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